When Ideas become Impact…


One of the joys I have is to help leaders take hold of ideas and strategies and run with them, trusting God to use their creativity and courage to enlarge their impact.

The digital team from Philippines CCC, whom we connected with at the recent Indigitous Hong Kong (in April ’14) have really followed through with some of the ideas they learned, and have put together a Digital Day of Outreach (June 24). Using the the WatchThinkChat media chat platform our team created, they’ve engaged many in spiritual conversations, and saw many come to faith in Christ.

Take 3 minutes to watch this video, and learn how they are making an impact for Jesus.

3 weeks ago, they did it again

This time they gathered 100 students from around the country, who connected with 500 people online. These aren’t random conversations. These are friends talking with friends, family, and sometimes for the first time!  This time, 84 people said they wanted to start a personal relationship with Jesus.What was really encouraging is that 42 people committed to be a spiritual leader for their university.

Next month, they will do the outreach again, this time with 200 small group leaders from the largest church in Manila.

Lillian and I really want to thank you for your partnership that is making this possible. You are very much part of this success and impact! In the next month, we are working to release this tool in 12 more languages. Pray with us!

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