They leave everything behind….but their mobile phones

syrian refugees

Image source: REUTERS

For the refugees, these smart devices are not playthings, but a vital lifeline to their family back home, to receive updated information, and get connected to important resources for their journey. Our Digital Strategies teams (in the Middle-East and Europe) are working hard on providing wifi and mobile hotspots to help them. And also to give them access to Arabic bibles and the Jesus Film to help them discover true hope and peace.

“These people have never heard the gospel. Don’t be sorry for them. Because of ISIS, thousands are hearing the gospel for the first time, and coming to Jesus.”

– a member in the Middle-East

Would you PRAY for this important strategy that will see many coming to Jesus? We know that the Lord loves these people dearly, and desire for them to come to Him. Cry out to Jesus on their behalf!

He made my day


Oomen the driverMe to the driver: Sorry to trouble you that you have to stay up so late to take me to the airport (my flight leaves 330am).

Oomen: ‘That’s my pleasure, no…’ (said with the classic Indian head shake, and coupled with BIG smile on his face!)

How the simple things in life can bring you simple (but very tangible) joys!

So blessed by the authentic ways of this man.

After I took this picture, he said to me… ‘When you remember me, pray for me and my two kids +1 and +2’ (he meant his 1 and 2 years old who are in Kerala).

‘Everyday I talk to them on the phone, and every few months I get to go and visit with them.’

A glimpse of God’s mysterious ways


God often works even when we don’t see it. Every once in a while, we get a glimpse of it, and tonight was one of those nights. 🙂

7 people came for our meet-up this evening. One guy, Anil shared that Indigitous Bangalore (which I helped organized this February) helped inspire and clarify for him the desire to start his own media company! His company is distinctively mission-minded, with the desire to create short clips that lead to spiritual conversations.

The girl in the middle, Deepti, who works in IBM marketing & communications, started a blog ‘WonderCatcher‘ specifically targeted at reaching the lost, communicating hope and love to a hopeless world.

By God’s grace, Indigitous has had an impact on them, and they continue to take steps of faith, in their desire to be used by Him.

The movement keeps growing! So cool for me to get a inside glimpse of God at work!

Thanks for praying for my time here in India!

Multiplying Disciples in Digital Strategies


Growing up in an African nation where Christians face persecution for their beliefs, Teresa felt isolated as a new follower of Jesus. She wanted to grow in her walk with Christ but didn’t have anyone to talk to about it; she felt a call to spread the gospel but didn’t know how. Where she lives, there are no printed Bibles and no churches, and any believers who meet together must do so discreetly and in small groups. Despite those challenges, Teresa felt called to share the love of Jesus with her community.

Because it’s unsafe to discuss such topichabeshastudent screenshots openly, Teresa turned to the internet in her quest for answers. While searching for material on spiritual growth, Teresa found, the Amharic version of She began emailing the volunteers and staff who provide support to the website. Her primary concern was finding a way to share the gospel without having access to a printed Bible. Efrem, an Indigitous volunteer with HabeshaStudent, introduced her to an Amharic Bible app for feature phones that he developed during an Indigitous event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She excitedly took this app and used it to share the gospel with her friends and family.

Teresa is especially concerned about helping her family members to know Jesus. “If I don’t share the gospel with them, who will?” she asked. Upon her urging, Teresa’s family has started reading one chapter of the Bible every time they meet. Her prayer is that her family will come to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Teresa has also started leading a Bible study group out of her home, though it is unsafe to meet in groups of larger than three or four. Teresa is passionate about evangelism, knowing what is at stake. “Whenever I think about eternity, I get shivers,” she says. “I believe that it is not good that our brothers and sisters go into eternal death as a result of not knowing the truth.”

Teresa’s biggest need is evangelistic materials that fit her context. She is grateful that due to digital strategies, she is able to get the help that she could not get locally. “Nobody around me was able to give me advice on how I could serve and do ministry, but even if you are 1,000 kilometers from me, God used you to equip me for this work.”

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Completely Undeserved


‘Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?”

And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more” – John 8,7,10-11

The woman knew she deserved to be punished. She expected death. Yet, Jesus – full of mercy – spoke in a very unexpected way, and extended grace to her, much to the surpass of the people watching. (If we were in the crowd, we probably wouldn’t understand it as well). Grace was clearly given where none was deserved.


Grace undesrved


Do I really understand grace?  Do I really know that it’s completely undeserved? 

Grace cannot be earned. Yet, if I’m completely honest, I often live my life as if to earn it, to ‘prove’ that I deserve His grace… either through my behavior, my commitment and service, or my hard work. Or even worse, through my so-called acts of righteousness.

What have I done that has given me the right to be His child, to be fully accepted by Him, and now to have the awesome and crazy privilege of serving Him full-time? Nothing! 

I don’t deserve it, but I am a grateful, a very grateful recipient of His abundant grace in my life.

I know I desperately need to be anchored on this precious truth. 

Divine appointments in Korea and Manila

You prayed, God heard and moved. I definitely felt very supported.
My time in Korea and Manila was really fruitful. God not only accomplished what He desired to accomplish, in the strategic stuff, but also opened up several doors for me to for personal ministry. All in all I believe I spent personal time with about 10 staff, including 2 couples. Half of them were really ‘divine appointments’ – something only the Lord could have orchestrated. One guy told me later that he really appreciated me taking time to listen and pray for him. (I only met this staff one other time, 2 years ago). He shared that it was totally unexpected, but desperately needed, and such a God-gift!  I feel completely undeserved, but so blessed that I can be part of God’s plan. =)
10 days in 2 cities, I engaged with various global leaders, and had opportunities to encourage, coach, mentor, train, teach, cast vision, and more. It was a really enjoyable!
God surely exceeded my expectations! (and to think at first I honestly hesitated about the trip because of various reasons) =)
Filipino bros Korean brothers Pakistan NTL KyungSoo DS Vincent & Christine Taiwanese brother
Privileged to share the stage with our President, Steve Douglass (on right)and other global leades, sharing about the need to re-imagine the ways we engage with our changing generation using digital strategies.

Privileged to share the stage with our President, Steve Douglass (on right) and other global leaders, sharing about the need to re-imagine the ways we engage with our changing generation using digital strategies.

Speak, Your Servant is Listening


The past week I had the privilege to attend a Coaching Mastery Class. I came seeking to gain new coaching skills, which I did. But God also laid upon my heart a fresh new coaching mindset which is so critical if I want to succeed as a good coach.

Eli and Samuel

In 1 Samuel 3:1-10 we read about how God first spoke to Samuel. Eli’s part in this story is both interesting and instructive for us (in life and in coaching).

What did Eli do?
– he asked Samuel to ‘respond and listen’, and to be open

What did he not do?
– he did not say ‘let me find out what God has to say to you…’; let me tell you exactly what you need to do.

Essentially, Eli trusted God to speak for himself. He also had confidence that Samuel can hear for himself.

The need to instruct

As strange as this may sound, I must admit that sometimes I don’t trust the Holy Spirit enough on what he’s doing, how he’s orchestrating things, or his timing to get it done.

I often sense the need to ‘tell them’ if I see some obvious thing coming. I feel that my input would be helpful, and maybe even instructive. Fact is, this speaks more to my pride than my desire for their growth or success.

He’s involved in every conversation whether we acknowledge it or not. Obviously, if we tune in to him, we find greater alignment to His will.

The Holy Spirit coaching my son

I had the opportunity mid-week to apply this important coaching mindset with my youngest child. He had gotten into a fight with his mom. I could hear him crying on the phone when I called. Typically, I would quickly ask him to apologize to mom, and set things right.

However this time, I was prompted to use some of my newly acquired coaching skills, and asked instead: ‘How did that make you feel?’ – an open question, which led him to openly share some of the raw emotions rising up in him (He’s 10). After a few more minutes of unpacking, with less and less tears, I could sense he had gain new awareness and perspective. I then asked ‘What part do you think you play in this…? (another good open question!) =) And this time, he confessed to his own part, and said he would make it right with mom.

I was sure the Holy Spirit led him to this conclusion and conviction. It wasn’t my words.

Zach facetimeWhat did I learn? 

Laying off the reprimand (from me), especially when prompted by the Holy Spirit, ask good coaching/open questions, and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in his own way and own time.

How about you? Have you, like me, tried to play jr. holy spirit too?


Lake Hart DDOSome comments from our first ever Digital Day of Outreach at Lake Hart.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to take some time to engage friends online with the gospel. In addition to chatting with several people who watched the #FallingPlates video, I also connected with quite a few friends and relatives via FaceBook and Skype. It was good to remember how easy it is to spend even a short time to take a step of faith and reach out to people right from my laptop. I am excited to follow up more with a cousin who I chatted with a while whom I hadn’t been in touch with for a long time.
– Erik B

It was a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to connect with some family I haven’t spoken to in a while who I know are not believers and several of them took the time to watch the video. One of my cousins even reached out to me after watching the video to thank me for sharing. I am so excited to see what the future will look like for this tool. I’m so thankful I got to be a part of the Digital Day of Outreach.
– Angel M

I really like the outreach today. I was able to connect with a FB friend who also make surf films in CA. He is open to hearing more about Jesus so I’m going to send him some short films that I have worked on here. Praying for him to really know Jesus and give his life to our Lord.
– John I

I was impressed with the tremendous possibilities to reach such a broad group of people so quickly. This presents a wonderful opportunity to start spiritual conversations in a very nonthreatening way. And then even opens possibilities for on going growth. Thanks for sharing this opportunity!
– Don T

I was able to share it with friends in Kuwait and Guatemala. What an easy way to get the message out worldwide.
– Lynn M


Read more about Lake Hart Digital Day of Outreach here.

Want to learn how you can run your very own DDO (Digital Day of Outreach)? Check out this very helpful resource site done by our Philippine CCC ministry.