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She was 5 weeks pregnant and desperate. Her partner kept pressurizing her to abort the baby. Depressed, she searched online for help and found ‘Boiling Waters’, a FaceBook page set up by a few brothers in our Philippines’ ministry. She was touched by the  inspirational posts and  started chatting with one of our staff. It led quickly to a spiritual conversation. She was then invited to watch ‘FallingPlates’ – a powerful 4-min gospel short-film by our team, that has been watched by millions on YouTube. In tears, touched by God’s unconditional love for her, she received Christ and said she will not abort the baby.  Praise God!  This is just one of many stories of lives being impacted and ministered to as a result of this unique FaceBook page strategy.

In tears, touched by God’s unconditional love for her, she received Christ and said she will not abort the baby.  Praise God!

One of the effective tools our team has worked on is GodTools. It now has 50+ language versions of the Four Spiritual Laws. Coupled with other useful tools, it helps any follower of Christ communicate the gospel simply but clearly. Recently updated, it has been used in 198 nations, daily usage has increased by 500%. In an unnamed country in the Middle-East (which has little to almost no missionary presence), it is used an average of 199 times a month. The Lord is moving in a powerful way, to help our Arab friends discover and use it to either learn or share the gospel (even in a ‘closed’ country!)  

We’re thankful for partners like you! Because of you, we are able to make headway into the digital world, impacting the lives of people who are desperate and lost, yearning and seeking to discover true hope in Jesus.

We want to invite you to be part of this great adventure with us! Learn more about our current needs, and the opportunities to be partners in the gospel!


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A glimpse of God’s mysterious ways


God often works even when we don’t see it. Every once in a while, we get a glimpse of it, and tonight was one of those nights. 🙂

7 people came for our meet-up this evening. One guy, Anil shared that Indigitous Bangalore (which I helped organized this February) helped inspire and clarify for him the desire to start his own media company! His company is distinctively mission-minded, with the desire to create short clips that lead to spiritual conversations.

The girl in the middle, Deepti, who works in IBM marketing & communications, started a blog ‘WonderCatcher‘ specifically targeted at reaching the lost, communicating hope and love to a hopeless world.

By God’s grace, Indigitous has had an impact on them, and they continue to take steps of faith, in their desire to be used by Him.

The movement keeps growing! So cool for me to get a inside glimpse of God at work!

Thanks for praying for my time here in India!

Broken is Good


I confess. ‘Broken’ is never one of my favorite words. I don’t like broken things, broken promises, broken lives… or be broken, or admit that I am… broken.

But the past few years, it’s the journey God has had me on. To discover, to get in touch, and to be ‘ok’ with my own brokenness. I’ve always wondered why ‘brokenness’ was such an prominent theme in my church. Now I understand. We cannot see or please God if we’re not fully broken before Him. But more about that next time.

As I lean harder into His grace, I become more acquainted with a God that not only understands brokenness, but is broken for us. (Isaiah 53:5)

The Christian faith is often a paradox, a mystery. Try as we might, our limited minds simply cannot wrap around godly ideas or concepts. Thankfully, God has it, and His plans are always good, like Good Friday (read ‘Why Good Friday is good‘). While we might reject it, ridicule it, God’s will stands. And He is still good.

Broken yet made whole. That’s what this 4-min short-film expertly illustrates. Desire to be healed? Acknowledge the One who can bring the ultimate and complete healing to this brokenness we ALL have in our lives.

Will you follow Him?

Will you give him your broken pieces, COME to the God who specializes in making GOOD the broken things?

He’s waiting for you…

‘Customized’ lesson plans for ALL!


It’s been almost a week since AX returned from the road…. what a journey!
We had our thanksgiving time, and it was for me indeed a good time to praise God for all His wonder-workings in each person’s life. You could hear from each person’s sharing that God met each one where most needed.

And then when you hear reports about how God moved the clouds when His people prayed, and then how He still allowed it rain, so that the students would stay back to listen to the band, you cannot but just marvel at how big God is! Truly, His ways are higher than ours….

Yesterday, we had staff evaluations, and it continued today too…
And yet again, we bear witness to all that God had chosen to do to bring Himself honour & glory. And we all get to participate in doing it!

I personally feel blessed that this TURT presented another chapter God’s lesson plan for my own life this year. This whole 1st half of year 2006 has been about God’s reminder for me to ‘die to self’.

In JanuaryFebruary  it was about ‘personal rights’ and ‘personal opinions’
Then in March-June  it was about ‘personal choices’, ‘personal preferences’, ‘personal desires’

Thank you Lord, for loving me so much that You personally ‘customize’ a lesson plan for me this year!

The ‘enemy’ is reading the Word! =)


Yesterday, another rather interesting thing happened… One of the soldiers, who was assigned to play the ‘enemy’ (in our training exercise) told me he took the DaVinci Code magazine, and brought it to the ‘enemies’ and they all read it! Then he went on to tell me that it was a really interesting read.. and that we Christians are very creative etc.

How interesting! The truth is, I had nothing to do with this. The magazines were just lying around on the tables in our bunks and I would safely say that more than 1/2 the platoon has read it. PTL!

Do pray that the truths written on the pages of this magazine will ring in the heads and hearts of those who read it

God works in amazing ways!


Hello.. fr Cha’am, Thailand!

The past few days has good! Everyone including the familes are well-settled.. and we’ve re-connecting with some people we have not seen for a while. The past 2 sessions we led in songs in worship also went well. Thanks for praying…

Today, our 7Days team met up with the YRR team (the folks who hosting us in our last trip to that big country). We talked about stuff that could help us improve future partnerships.

The following story shared by one of them greatly encouraged me…. to know that God is still moving there:

“The girl that designed our 7Days concert poster and flyer… was actually a non-Christian student. After our concerts in her city, she had sleepless nites.. and felt she needed to talk to someone about Jesus. Believe it or not, she prayed to received Christ…! Now her nickname in-country is called ‘7Days’!! =) Though faced with various family persecutions but she’s growing in her faith! Praise the Lord! God surely works in amazing ways!”