No more crumpled tracts…


Looking for an easy way to share the Gospel with those around you? The perfect complement to your favorite Bible app, God Tools puts some of the most effective and widely used evangelistic tools of all time on your iPhone and iPod Touch! Check it out.

The iPod and iPhone are now easily the most recognizable gadget that at least 1 in 3 of your friends (and even yourself) are using. In fact, many are opting to buy other phones, just so they are not spotted using an iPhone. But truth be told, it’s the hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps that are making this device super useful.

Now you canĀ use your iPod or iPhone to talk about Jesus. It’s not longer the crumpled tract that you stuff inside your wallet that you need to use.

Download and install this app, and pray for divine appointments to show it to your friends and family. =)

Mobile phone ministry in Africa!


I recently came across this article. It’s a classic case of how we need not be unduly ‘afraid’ of technology as the church… but to carefully & prayerfully consider how these ‘new ways’ can help us better engage people for God’s glory. Read it and share your thoughts.

African Churches Use Mobile Phone to Ring Up Growth in Members

Here’s an excerpt:

“Mobile phone suspended on a belt round the waist, or from the neck, is a common sight among members of church congregations in Africa. Now, church leaders are heaping praise on mobile phones, sometimes called cell phones, because they say the instruments help congregations grow.

Mobile phone use increased rapidly in Africa about 10 years ago. At that time, however, some Christians on the continent criticised the phones for being “marks of materialism”. Now, that has changed.

“It is as if cell phones have come to revolutionise everything, even Christianity,” says Anglican Bishop Charles Gaita of Nyahururu in central Kenya. “They are making things happen quickly.”

Read the rest of this encouraging article



Just arrived in Bangkok, Thailand for a conference till Friday. It’s called MinistryNET conference… and it’s connecting people to people, and people to God.

Part of my new responsibilities in Creative Communications would see me overseeing some kind of concerted effort in SCCC to use the internet for evangelism and discipleship. This is a whole new area of ministry for me, and I’ve really got lots to learn. =) Pray for God to inspire me thru this

While at the conference Alvin and I will be leading in Praise & Worship for the 80 of so Campus Crusade staff from all over the world. And we get to work with Koinonia, the Thailand CCC’s music ministry once again! (which was one of the key reasons why I quickly said ‘yes!’ to this!)

Do keep Lil & kids in prayer… =) Thanks!