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She was 5 weeks pregnant and desperate. Her partner kept pressurizing her to abort the baby. Depressed, she searched online for help and found ‘Boiling Waters’, a FaceBook page set up by a few brothers in our Philippines’ ministry. She was touched by the  inspirational posts and  started chatting with one of our staff. It led quickly to a spiritual conversation. She was then invited to watch ‘FallingPlates’ – a powerful 4-min gospel short-film by our team, that has been watched by millions on YouTube. In tears, touched by God’s unconditional love for her, she received Christ and said she will not abort the baby.  Praise God!  This is just one of many stories of lives being impacted and ministered to as a result of this unique FaceBook page strategy.

In tears, touched by God’s unconditional love for her, she received Christ and said she will not abort the baby.  Praise God!

One of the effective tools our team has worked on is GodTools. It now has 50+ language versions of the Four Spiritual Laws. Coupled with other useful tools, it helps any follower of Christ communicate the gospel simply but clearly. Recently updated, it has been used in 198 nations, daily usage has increased by 500%. In an unnamed country in the Middle-East (which has little to almost no missionary presence), it is used an average of 199 times a month. The Lord is moving in a powerful way, to help our Arab friends discover and use it to either learn or share the gospel (even in a ‘closed’ country!)  

We’re thankful for partners like you! Because of you, we are able to make headway into the digital world, impacting the lives of people who are desperate and lost, yearning and seeking to discover true hope in Jesus.

We want to invite you to be part of this great adventure with us! Learn more about our current needs, and the opportunities to be partners in the gospel!


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I know just what you’re talking about…


How mainstream secular films can be great spiritual conversation starters.

Our friends and family are unlikely to have listened to the latest worship album, or have read the newest and hottest Christian book or literature. But they are VERY likely to have watched the latest blockbuster over the school holidays, or have recently watched a film on DVD or on the Internet. The truth is, the stories and themes in these movies presents itself as great conversations topics that we can intentional use to connect with our pre-believing friends.

Read this interesting article about how others have used mainstream films as a connection points to kickstart a meaningful conversation that might lead to spiritual topics.
If you’re interested in some local short films that are great as conversation starters, check out

These are short films made by our ministry; they have various common themes on self-esteem, achieving success, finding love etc.

This special DVD even comes with a little booklet with useful questions to ‘jumpstart’ the conversation process.

Great for small groups, youth meetings, even Bible studies.