The ‘State’ of the Internet


The Internet is changing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up. Jesse Thomas has artistically wrangled this statistical juggernaut, in his video State of the Internet, to give us a visual of where things stand … at the moment. Watch it to get a sense of astounding growth (& potential!)

[vsw id=”T6MfnuvH4Rs” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Wanna learn & grow more in your understanding of how the Internet & Technology can integrate with your faith, and how it helps you connect & reach others? Join me at IED@SG this coming April!



Just arrived in Bangkok, Thailand for a conference till Friday. It’s called MinistryNET conference… and it’s connecting people to people, and people to God.

Part of my new responsibilities in Creative Communications would see me overseeing some kind of concerted effort in SCCC to use the internet for evangelism and discipleship. This is a whole new area of ministry for me, and I’ve really got lots to learn. =) Pray for God to inspire me thru this

While at the conference Alvin and I will be leading in Praise & Worship for the 80 of so Campus Crusade staff from all over the world. And we get to work with Koinonia, the Thailand CCC’s music ministry once again! (which was one of the key reasons why I quickly said ‘yes!’ to this!)

Do keep Lil & kids in prayer… =) Thanks!