Divine appointments in Korea and Manila

You prayed, God heard and moved. I definitely felt very supported.
My time in Korea and Manila was really fruitful. God not only accomplished what He desired to accomplish, in the strategic stuff, but also opened up several doors for me to for personal ministry. All in all I believe I spent personal time with about 10 staff, including 2 couples. Half of them were really ‘divine appointments’ – something only the Lord could have orchestrated. One guy told me later that he really appreciated me taking time to listen and pray for him. (I only met this staff one other time, 2 years ago). He shared that it was totally unexpected, but desperately needed, and such a God-gift!  I feel completely undeserved, but so blessed that I can be part of God’s plan. =)
10 days in 2 cities, I engaged with various global leaders, and had opportunities to encourage, coach, mentor, train, teach, cast vision, and more. It was a really enjoyable!
God surely exceeded my expectations! (and to think at first I honestly hesitated about the trip because of various reasons) =)
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