Don’t Give up…


Today God spoke in a very clear way to me.. thru the sermon at church..
God is not about to give up on me… so Don’t give up on him!

‘Give up’ (in the original language) has this idea of ‘bad thots’…
we begin to thing badly about our own situation, we start to think
wrongly about God’s character…
and we also begin to think back…

Our eyes focus on the circumstances, not on God

That’s how i’ve been feelin’ of late. My eyes on everything else
(problems, situations, personal challenges, frustrations, lost of
possesions etc. =( and on and on… ) instead of on God.

And when I pray… i’m only asking.. ‘get me out of this.. or that…!’

Who is my God? what really is he doing in my life.. during this period
of time…

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