Hello fr Thailand… =)


This is my first ever blog.. while overseas.

We’ve come to the end our time here in Bangkok.. and will head back to S’pore in 2 hours time. I’m typing now from the computer lounge area in the Crusade’s GCTC (Great Commission Trainig Centre)

It’s be a really fruitful 3 days!

The staff from Koinonia- Thailand CCC’s music ministry has been ‘lapping’ up the training we’ve been giving them.

I taught 2 sessions… one on “Philosophy of Music Ministry”, the other on “Friendly Fire”, and the feedback I got was that it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’m sooo glad we obeyed God to make this trip.

And I thank God for using us to bless and encourage this young, but growing ministry!

It’s been a tremendous joy and pleasure to see our friends again (we worked together in June for a TURT- The Ultimate Road Trip 2004, a student music missions project) and to hang out and have fellowship with them.

I’m now really lookin’ forward to hold my kids.. and my dear wife in my arms.

I miss them much… =)

Thanks for praying!

Signin’ out fr Bangkok, Thailand

One thought on “Hello fr Thailand… =)

  1. jt

    heya simon 🙂 good to hear you’re back.. i’m glad you were blessed over there, and even more that you were a blessing to others…

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