God works in amazing ways!


Hello.. fr Cha’am, Thailand!

The past few days has good! Everyone including the familes are well-settled.. and we’ve re-connecting with some people we have not seen for a while. The past 2 sessions we led in songs in worship also went well. Thanks for praying…

Today, our 7Days team met up with the YRR team (the folks who hosting us in our last trip to that big country). We talked about stuff that could help us improve future partnerships.

The following story shared by one of them greatly encouraged me…. to know that God is still moving there:

“The girl that designed our 7Days concert poster and flyer… was actually a non-Christian student. After our concerts in her city, she had sleepless nites.. and felt she needed to talk to someone about Jesus. Believe it or not, she prayed to received Christ…! Now her nickname in-country is called ‘7Days’!! =) Though faced with various family persecutions but she’s growing in her faith! Praise the Lord! God surely works in amazing ways!”

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