‘Customized’ lesson plans for ALL!


It’s been almost a week since AX returned from the road…. what a journey!
We had our thanksgiving time, and it was for me indeed a good time to praise God for all His wonder-workings in each person’s life. You could hear from each person’s sharing that God met each one where most needed.

And then when you hear reports about how God moved the clouds when His people prayed, and then how He still allowed it rain, so that the students would stay back to listen to the band, you cannot but just marvel at how big God is! Truly, His ways are higher than ours….

Yesterday, we had staff evaluations, and it continued today too…
And yet again, we bear witness to all that God had chosen to do to bring Himself honour & glory. And we all get to participate in doing it!

I personally feel blessed that this TURT presented another chapter God’s lesson plan for my own life this year. This whole 1st half of year 2006 has been about God’s reminder for me to ‘die to self’.

In JanuaryFebruary  it was about ‘personal rights’ and ‘personal opinions’
Then in March-June  it was about ‘personal choices’, ‘personal preferences’, ‘personal desires’

Thank you Lord, for loving me so much that You personally ‘customize’ a lesson plan for me this year!

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