Why Good Friday is good

So why does Good Friday mean to you?

Why Good Friday is good…


When I was growing up…the truth is, Good Friday is good primarily because it was another public holiday YEAH! (and therefore a school holiday!)

Thankfully, I’m grown (and matured) in my thinking and attitude, recognizing the greater significance of this holiday. =)

When you stop to consider, Good Friday is probably one of the most interesting paradoxes of the Christian faith. When else do you celebrate the death of a Savior, calling death ‘good’? It’s totally counter-intuitive. Only when you realize the broader picture of why the death was needed, and what it accomplished does it make any sense.

To me, Good Friday is good not only because Christ took my place and died for me…

It’s good because God planned and purposed it, to redeem mankind (and me!) to himself, to fulfill what would ultimately bring Him glory!

It’s about us, yet really it’s about Him.

So, why is Good Friday good to you?


Watch this short film to find out how why and how He made it good.

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