Open doors.. open hearts


Thanks to some of you who have been prayin’ for me… it means a lot to me.
I wanted u to know that God’s been answering your prayers! Let me share more…

Day 2 in camp… I was wondering when I should begin distributing the DaVinci Code magazines (the ones our Campus ministry has published for answers questions raised by the book & movie) to my camp mates.. I was reading the newspaper – The New Paper.. And guess what? There was an article abt the DVC, and about how Campus Crusade has printed tens of thousand for distribution etc. So I immediately seized the opportunity.. knowing that they have read the papers too.. and started giving out the magazines, telling them that it’s my company that printed these magazines.. and they began reading it!

Over the next few days, many others (in different bunks) were reading through the magazines! It was great! It also helped that the newspapers had plenty of articles & there was a hype about this movie! My other Christian brothers also had opportunity to share & talk about Jesus, and spiritual things with others.

Just this morning, I sat at the table and listen to another friend explain the ‘Trilemma’* to a non-believer! It warmed my heart.. as I recognized that God had indeed opened doors, and opened hearts. =)

*the Trilemma – “Liar, Lunatic or Lord” is an explanation of who Jesus claimed to be- God,and how we need to respond to Him.

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