What a treat!


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What a treat!
What a treat!,
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On Wednesday evening… out in the training area… Lil and kids came to ‘re-supply’ me & my scout team, bringing along fresh rations etc! (This was possible, because the OP- Observation Point we chose was at

an abandoned house.. which was near to a main road, and Lil could locate us on the map. Most other army training areas are in the jungle with dirt tracks, and she would not have been able to access it)
It was great.. esp. since we were running low on water, and had to eat

combat rations… so warm chicken rice was surely much nicer. However, it was a particular treat for me cos’ I get to see my family & kids.
They stayed around for a good hour…

I got to carry Zach, and cuddle Emily.. which they ate ‘pao’ on the back of the car. =)
Thanks Lil for loving me, driving all the way here.. and blessing me (and my team!)

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