Taking stock… Growing deep…


It’s been a while since our last “The Great Adventure” update.
Life has a way of crowding up quickly… and it does take lots of intentional effort to pause and take stock, reflect and continue to grow deep.

A flurry of family, church and ministry stuff has been taking place almost all at once.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what’s been happening with the Seows –

On the Family front:
• Lil’s mom’s fall & subsequent hip replacement
• Lil’s frozen shoulder (more abt this in our next update); a few health scares…
• Em & Zach likes it in kindergarten; Josh is enjoying homeschooling
• Had a short getaway (just Lil & I), celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary!

On Work & Ministry front:
• lots of leadership meetings, many changes and challenges; growing my leadership edge etc.
• launch of our 1st ever short-film DVD http://wideangle.sg/
• rapid development in our musical bands, many open doors for ministry; new opportunities in dance, in Internet Ministry etc.

On Church front:
• now leading worship (together!) at our new church plant in Woodlands
• completed a 2-year discipleship course (called IDT); now in a new Cell Group that we love very much

As you would probably guess, this is just a partial snapshot. =)
We’re thankful that as we go through the various adventures and challenges, there were many friends, family members and partners-in-ministry that have been, and continue to journey with us through it all! We thank God for them!

I’m now in LA… here to be part of an Internet conference – www.christianwebconference.com
This is another God-given opportunity for me to grow in my thinking as I give leadership to our ministry in engaging with the lost in the online world.

Besides the conference, I’ll also be spending a extra week there, an extended time to seek God. The past months God has taken me on a journey inward. It has been a very significant journey of growing deep. I want to continue to know Him more. I will be going up to the mountains (to a monastery actually) for a silent retreat.

If you’re read this far, you’re probably interested in what’s going on with the Seows… =) So I’d like to request that you keep me in your prayers, and also for my family back home

One specific urgent prayer request: Zachary and Joshua both caught the flu bug. Both have quite high fever for 1-2 days. It’s suspected H1N1 Influenza. Pray for quick & full recovery. And for Lil to have the strength to care for each of them. Thanks!

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