Welcome (myself) to WordPress!


wordpress Finally… after thinking and hesitating, considering and procastinating for a long time… I’m finally here at WordPress! Phew…

From Blogspot & Blogger (2004-2007) to Multiply (2007-2009)¬† … I’m here at last!
At the place where I think has the greatest potential for a ‘lifelong’ blog home¬† =)

Lookin’ forward to learn how to work it well. So far, I’ve imported my old posts fr Blogger.. but it doesn’t seem to display too good. Oh well…

One thought on “Welcome (myself) to WordPress!

  1. Just to make sure you really feel welcome…
    WELCOME to Worpress, specifically to SCCC’s blogs. I’m not quite sure how it will look in the distant future, but it’s definitely made it more accessible and ‘nearer’ now that we’re all on the same local platform.

    Glad you’ve made the transition. And your old posts all look good. Now I’m thinking if I should port VictorCandy.com over here as well.

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