There’s a teenager in my house…


Well, technically this teenager grew up in my house! =) In fact, I raised him. It just feels like in the blink of an eye, this once cute little ‘chubbee bunnee’ (yes, that’s what we used to call him) is no longer cute, nor chubby. But has instead grown tall, bony, and strong! A fine young man in the making. How did that happen? 13 years has whizzed by just like that. I often wish I could have done more, building the foundations in his life, but I also know he’s in God’s hands. I look forward to the teenage years, and the many more God-given opportunities to speak into his life.

I must admit that I miss those years when he was little, but I’m also very glad to see how my boy has grown… and (thankfully) his physical stature mirroring his growth in other areas of his life –┬áhis character, his love, care and respect for his friends and family, and most of all his sensitivity to God’s work in his life.

Josh, I know I’ve said this to you time and again… but I want you to know that you are SUCH a blessing to us, God’s wonderful gift to Mommy and me. We love you! Happy Birthday!


Family of 3

Our 1st mission trip as a family, to Japan (in 2001). Josh was about 5 months old then.

Josh and Daddy


em & j

on a date

Hanging out together on our regular ‘dates’


My young man fixing breakfast for himself

My young man fixing breakfast for himself =)

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