Divine Appointment


Divine Appointment

Last night, I had the opportunity to share Christ with Andrea & Sahra (two gals working at the guesthouse we’re staying at for the conference).

They are from Switzerland doing an internship here, and have been serving us breakfast everyday. We discovered that they had just started their time here, arriving just about the same time as us.

The past few days, God has been prompting me to pray for an opportunity to talk about Christ with one of them. They are usually busy, even in the nights. But yesterday night, I saw Andrea sitting quietly by herself at the lobby. It was her off day. I started talking with her, and trusted God to lead it to a spiritual conversation. Then when I ask if she was interested to find out about a personal relationship with God, and she said ‘Yes’. So I flipped out my iPhone, went to the Knowing God Personally app, and began using it to share with her. As I began, Sahra, her friend came out and also joined in.

Would you pray for them? They seem open, but uncertain if they really want to fully believe. I challenged them to read gospel of John with an open heart and mind, trusting God to speak to them where they are.

Pray for meaningful follow-up as we connect over FaceBook. =)

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